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  • Min Box/Min Studio

    (1) x Photography Camera Stand Tripod
    Fully adjustable (Min 10.5″ – Max 17″), premium quality with aluminum and steel
    Large legs with skid reduction pads make it stand firmly

    (1) x High Quality Photo Studio Light Folding Photo Box (20″ x 20″)
    Made of High Quality Fabric
    Softens and reflects lights for a perfect shot
    Eliminate glare and spots
    4 colors non reflective fabric background included (Red, Black, Blue, White)
    Transformed Convenient Carry Bag- All in one Carry Bag

    (2) x Photography Studio Photo Box Table Top Accent Light
    Studio Quality 5000K Output
    120V 50W GU10 lamps for excellent and even color temperature and clarity
    Eliminate unexpected shadows
    Height adjustable Max 9.5 ”
    Hand-held use available

    (1) x Tripod Stand Holder For Mobile Apple iPhone 5 4 4S 4G 3G iPod

    (1) x White Acrylic Riser Display Table
    9.5″ x 9.5″
    Perfect for 16/ 20/ 24″ Photo Tent

    Tsh. 150,000Tsh. 250,000

    Min Box/Min Studio

    Tsh. 150,000Tsh. 250,000
  • Hotshoe holder


    Take a picture with your DSLR Camera and ring light and also record with your smartphone at the same time.

    Smartphone Tripod adapter kit allows installation on DSLR, ring light and tripods.

    Easy to use, no tools needed and can be installed in less than a minute.

    Compatible with most of cellphones that within 1.97-3.2 inches (5-8.1 centimeter) such as iPhone XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8, Samsung S9+/S9/S8 or GoPro Hero 6 5, and action cameras such as Gopro Hero 5 Black Session, Hero 4 Black and Silver Session.

    A good mounting solution for Android & IOS DSLR controller app

    Package Contents:

    1x Hot Shoe Mount (with 1/4″ Tripod Thread)

    1x GoPro Mount (with Tripod Connection)

    1x GoPro Mount Adapter (with 1/4″ Tripod Thread)

    1x Universal Phone Holder (with Tripod Connection)

    1x Large Thumbscrew

    Tsh. 45,000Tsh. 65,000

    Hotshoe holder

    Tsh. 45,000Tsh. 65,000
  • Godox xpro Receiver

    Product description

    Model: xpro-c
    Compatible cameras: Canon EOS (E-TTL II) cameras support for cameras that have PC sync socket.
    Power supply: 2 * AA batteries
    Flash exposure control: E-TTL II
    Flash Manual: Yes
    Strobe flash : Yes
    High speed sync: Yes
    second-curtain sync: yes
    Flash Exposure Compensation: Yes. ± 3 points in 1/3 stop increments
    Flash Exposure Lock: Yes
    Focus Assist: Yes
    Modeling Lamp: Controlling the modeling lamp by the flash trigger
    Beeper: Control the Beeper by the flash trigger
    Adjustment wireless receiver: The end can control the camera
    Zoom Adjustment: Adjust the zoom value by the transmitter
    : Firmware Upgrade via USB Type-C port
    Memory function: settings are stored 2 seconds after last
    Transmission range (approx): 0 – 100m
    Integrated Wireless: 2.4G
    Modulation Mode: MSK
    Channel: 32
    Wireless ID: 01 – 99
    Group: 16
    Display: Large LCD Backlight Panel, on or OFF
    Dimension: 90 x 58 x 50mm
    Weight: 80g
    Package content:
    1 * Godox xpro-c
    1 * Product Manual
    2 * Godox x1r-c

    Tsh. 250,000Tsh. 350,000

    Godox xpro Receiver

    Tsh. 250,000Tsh. 350,000
  • Godox x1 trigger Double

    Product Description

    Godox x1 trigger Double

    Tsh. 280,000Tsh. 350,000

    Godox x1 trigger Double

    Tsh. 280,000Tsh. 350,000
  • Godox V1 flash for Canon

    Product Description

    Compatible with Canon ADI / P-TTL
    Output: 76Ws
    Auto Zoom Control, Zoom Range: 28-105mm
    2.4 GHz Wireless X-System Transmitter
    Built-In LED Modeling Lamp
    Tilts -7 to 120°, Rotates 330°
    Round Flash Head Design
    Magnetic Light Modifier Attachment
    1.5 sec Recycle Time, HSS Support
    Removable, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

    Tsh. 600,000Tsh. 750,000

    Godox V1 flash for Canon

    Tsh. 600,000Tsh. 750,000
  • Godox tt600 speedlight

    Product Description

    Built-In 2.4GHz X Wireless Radio System
    Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
    Zoom Range: 24-200mm (14mm with Panel)
    Tilts from -7 to 90°
    Rotates Left & Right 180°
    Wireless Master/Slave Functionality
    Recycle Time: 0.1-2.6 Seconds
    3.5mm Sync Port; Wireless Control Port
    Runs on Four AA Batteries
    High-Speed Sync via Optional Transmitter

    Tsh. 300,000Tsh. 400,000

    Godox tt600 speedlight

    Tsh. 300,000Tsh. 400,000
  • Godox TT520 II Flash with trigger

    Product Description

    Godox TT520 II Flash TT520II with Build-in 433MHz Wireless Signal

    Tsh. 300,000Tsh. 400,000

    Godox TT520 II Flash with trigger

    Tsh. 300,000Tsh. 400,000
  • Godox trigger ct-16

    Product description

    The signal transmitter adopts the advanced circuit and components, and can transmit the encoded FM wireless signal. The Trigger is only 0.01 mA current, which will certainly not cause damage to the camera’s Flash contact. The transmitter is applicable to the traditional or digital shoe with the camera or PC control interface. Receiver trigger adopts dry battery for power supply, which is safe, energy saving, and convenient.
    Compatible with:
    For Canon 580EX II, 580EX, 550EX, 540EZ, 520EZ, 430EX / EXII, 430EZ, 420EX, 420EZ, 380EX
    For Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-28, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24
    For Pentax AF-540 FGZ, AF-360 FGZ, AF-400 ft, af-240 ft
    For Olympus FL-50, FL36
    For Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER, EF-500 DG ST, EF-430
    Other flash models with a trigger voltage of 12V or less with standard shoe …
    Model: ct-16
    Channel: 16 channels
    Transmission frequency: 433 MHz
    Transmitter power: 12V 23A lithium battery (not included)
    Power receiver: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery (not included).
    Synchronization speed: max. 1 / 250sec
    Outdoor Operating distance: Max. 30m / 90 feet (open area, no Fraise)
    Indoor Operating Distance: Max. 25m / 75ft
    Transmitter dimension: 60 x 42 x 30mm
    Receiver Dimension: 90 x 50 x 32mm
    Package includes:
    1 x Godox ct-16 transmitter
    1 x Godox ct-16 receiver
    1 x PC sync cable
    1 x control adapter
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Ceari Microfiber Cloth

    Tsh. 100,000Tsh. 150,000

    Godox trigger ct-16

    Tsh. 100,000Tsh. 150,000
  • Godox Studio Smart Kit

    Product Description

    Supplied as standard with the Godox Studio Smart Kit 250SDI-D
    3 x Godox 304 tripod
    3 x Smart 300SDi flash head
    1 x Valve kit for kit BD-03
    2 x Softbox SB-MS 60x60cm
    1 x Umbrella black/silver
    1 x Trigger RT-16
    1 x Synchronization cable
    3 x Power cord
    1 x Carrying case CB-04

    Tsh. 1,150,000Tsh. 1,300,000

    Godox Studio Smart Kit

    Tsh. 1,150,000Tsh. 1,300,000
  • GODOX Smart 300SDi Pro

    Product Description

    GODOX Smart 300SDi Pro Photography Studio Strobe Photo Flash Light 300ws 300w

    Tsh. 330,000Tsh. 370,000

    GODOX Smart 300SDi Pro

    Tsh. 330,000Tsh. 370,000
  • Godox SK400 II 400Ws GN65 Built-in Godox 2.4G

    Product Description

    Godox SK400 II 400Ws GN65 Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System Studio Professional Flash for Offers Creative Shooting

    Tsh. 700,000Tsh. 850,000
  • Godox P90L 90cm Deep Parabolic Softbox

    Product Description

    Godox P90L 90cm Deep Parabolic Softbox with Bowens Mounting for Aputure COB 120D 120t AD600B AD600BM Flashpoint XPLOR 600

    Tsh. 270,000Tsh. 350,000

    Godox P90L 90cm Deep Parabolic Softbox

    Tsh. 270,000Tsh. 350,000
  • Godox Led Light SL60W

    Product Description

    Godox Photo Studio Light SL60W CRI 95+ 5600K 60W LED Video Light Wireless Adjust Light Bright + Mount + Remote Control+Reflector

    Tsh. 550,000Tsh. 700,000

    Godox Led Light SL60W

    Tsh. 550,000Tsh. 700,000
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